Camping In Winter: Why You Should Do It

Many travelers underestimate the beauty and perks of going camping in winter. Yes, winter can be cold and that may put some people off. But there are multiple benefits and comforting aspects of going camping during the off-season. This article covers what you can get out of going on a winter trip.

1. Get cosy in a different climate

Summer is definitely warmer, no doubt about it. But if you’re brave enough you can throw on a couple of extra layers of clothes and embark on an adventure that’ll create fond memories and new experiences.

You can have a warm campfire while snow is falling around you, embrace yourself in the mountains, or head towards the coast and take advantage of the peak whale-watching season. You can even warm yourself up a bit more while visiting one of Australia’s many wineries.

2. Campfire season

Why not have a campfire during the mornings and evenings? You can cook up some extravagant meals on the fire, and there are lower risks and chances of bushfires. Even go as far as roasting marshmallows and telling stories with family and friends while warming up around the campfire.

3. Enjoy the peace and quiet  

Seeing as fewer people go camping during the winter months, you can have more space and freedom as the campsites are quieter. Plus, because there are visitors at the parks and sites you can get more affordable rates during the off-season. The nearby tourist attractions will also have fewer tourists, so you can enjoy the quiet.

4. Less unwanted pests

Some insects like flies cannot survive in the wet and cold, so you are almost guaranteed to encounter fewer of them. You won’t be bothered by having to swat flies like you would in summer. You are also less likely to encounter a snake in the park or on a bushwalk during the winter months.

What are your thoughts?

How do you feel about camping in winter? Share your experiences and preferences in the comments section. And don’t forget if you’re traveling this Winter, use one of these travel maps and guides for camping in Australia.