The Best Travel Maps And Guides For Camping In Australia

Australia is one of the largest countries and continents in the world. At the best of times, it’s easy to lose signal when driving and travelling. In some instances, you can’t always take the same route and may need to take a detour.

Whatever the case may be, here are some of the best maps to use in Australia:


Arguably one of the most content rich, valuable, interactive and user friendly form of camping maps you can use.  You can download this app onto your cellphone device and get all the information you can possibly imagine about your road trip.

The app contains a comprehensive list of caravan parks, campsites, dump points, day camps, water sources, toilets, tourist attractions and major routes and roads in the system. Coordinates and GPS integration is all included.


Campermate has a large list of campsites and attractions. It has a built-in FPS functionality. This is a downloadable app for your cellphone and is entirely free. You can even book some campsites through the app.

Camps Australia Wide

If you an old school, off the grid, just not about this technological era Aussie traveler: this is your ideal map. This is an A4-sized guidebook which has logged thousands of campsites. One of the benefits about it compared to an app: you don’t have to worry about any signal or loading issues.

Google Maps

Yes, Google Maps is a navigational application. However it is so advanced and interconnected with the web that it makes finding a destination simply too easy. You can open the application and search specific keywords such as ‘campsites’ or ‘tourist destinations’, a list of results will load and you can select which one to head to. The application will then create a live GPS route for you to follow.


Similar to Google Maps, Waze is a navigational application. You can enter a destination and it will map your route and guide you as a GPS with a voice-guided navigation. Best part: Waze is actually owned by Google so it is just as advanced. The main benefit of the system is it is crowd-sourced, which mean users report any and all roadworks, speed-cameras, traffic and so forth which notifies all other users in the area.


GARMIN is one of the oldest and largest businesses that specializes in GPS navigation. This is a physical device that will direct you to your destination.


TomTom is also a large competitor and operator in the GPS navigation industry. Similar to GARMIN, they sell a GPS device which directs and guides you when using the product.

Final thoughts

Finding the perfect map depends on you and your budget. You can use a free application, paid application, purchase a book or a GPS device. At the end of the day, just as long as you can get from A to B with as much convenience as possible, that’s all that matters.

What user experience have you had with these different maps?