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Dine in Style in a Caravan with a Slide Out Club Lounge

Slide out caravans are a relatively new addition to the caravan world, despite being common in American RVs for over 20 years. A creative solution to cramped quarters, slide outs offer a unique combination of spacious and comfortable living in a compact and easy-to-tow package. They feature a motorised slide-out section that expands horizontally to increase the living area of the caravan when parked, providing additional space without increasing the overall length of the caravan.

At NEWGEN, we offer several slide out caravans for sale that are quickly becoming some of the most popular models in our range. To learn more about our slide-out models and what you can expect to find when you purchase a NEWGEN slide out caravan, read on below.

slide-out CaravanS RANGE


The smallest of our slide out caravans, the NG19S revolutionises luxury living with its sumptuous club lounge. Positioned opposite the full-sized kitchen, the club lounge offers an enviable space to enjoy dinners, a drink with your neighbours, or watch TV at the end of a day’s travel.

At the rear of the NG19S sits a well-appointed full-width ensuite bathroom with an inbuilt vanity, separate shower and toilet, ample storage and a 2.5kg top-loader washing machine. Finally, you will always be well-rested thanks to the island queen bed located at the front of the caravan, flanked by a pair of wardrobes and overhead storage cupboards.

All this is built atop a 4-inch DuraGal steel chassis, with top-of-the-line Pedders TrakRyder suspension to give you maximum support and cushioning, even on the most rugged roads. And when you get to your destination, setting up has never been so easy: simply deploy the leveling legs and open up your slide-out with the push of a button.


The ever-so-slightly-bigger brother of the NG19S, the NG20SR measures in at a convenient 20 feet long and offers all the same features as its smaller sibling. Up front sits an island queen bed with surrounding inbuilt storage, while the trademark slide-out club lounge occupies the middle section of the caravan.

Opposite the club lounge, the kitchen features an extensive benchtop housing a stainless steel sink and drying area, concealed four-burner gas stove and oven, while the 171L Thetford fridge is next to the club lounge. The ensuite bathroom occupies the entire width of the caravan’s rear and contains a separate shower and toilet, a vanity with ample storage, and a 2.5kg top loader washing machine.

Outside, you can relax under the shade of a 16-foot Aussie Traveller awning and listen to your favourite radio, music or podcasts through the twin external speakers. All onboard electronics have the option to be powered by a mains connection or the 120Ah battery pack and 200W roof-mounted solar panel – so you can get off-grid and still keep your devices charged and the lights on.

Interior Features of a
NEWGEN Slide Out Caravan

At NEWGEN, we believe in offering nothing but the best for you and your travel companions. Inside every NEWGEN slide-out caravan, you will find many features and amenities, including the following:

  • A queen-sized bed with twin wardrobes and overhead storage.
  • An ensuite bathroom with a separate toilet and shower with hot water.
  • A six-seater club lounge, perfect for relaxing and entertaining
  • A fully-equipped kitchen with a stainless steel sink, four-burner gas stove, oven, microwave and 171L fridge.
  • Full-width ensuite bathroom with a shower, toilet, vanity & top-loader washing machine.
  • Belaire 3500 reverse cycle air conditioner.
  • Built-in speakers.
  • 24-inch LED smart TV.

Exterior Features of a
NEWGEN Slide Out Caravan

In addition to its luxurious interior, every NEWGEN caravan is built to a rugged off-road standard that will carry you across the country, from the desert to the sea, while keeping you comfortable along the way. Some of the exterior features you will find on a NEWGEN family caravan include:

  • 16ft Aussie Traveller black awning.
  • Front & rear black checker plate protection.
  • Front tunnel boot.
  • 1x 240v power point.
  • 1x 120Ah chassis-mounted battery pack & 200W roof-mounted solar panel for all of your off-grid energy needs.
  • 2x black external speakers.
  • Wineguard HV sensor TV antenna.

Whether you plan on getting off-road and into the bush or want to unwind at the campground, a caravan with a slide out will change the way you live on your next holiday. Complete with a spacious six-seater club lounge in addition to all of the standard features and amenities that we offer at NEWGEN, our slide out caravans for sale are the perfect option for entertaining, visiting friends and family, or unwinding with space to spare. So what are you waiting for? Request a brochure below or contact your local NEWGEN dealer today.

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