About Newgen Caravans

At Newgen, it is our mission to create your ultimate chill-out zone! Our caravans come fully equipped with everything you need to relax when it’s time to get away.

We believe that Strength, Reliability, Comfort, Style, and Affordability should be available to everyone looking to buy a new caravan and enjoy the great Australian outdoors, so we made them the cornerstone of our brand.




Every great construction starts with a solid foundation. Newgen’s lightweight floor and body strike the perfect balance between durability and flexibility, so they can handle any terrain you throw at them.A fully welded aluminium frame provides the backbone of the floor and body for each of our caravans. Thick XPS foam is inserted around the frame for insulation and covered on either side by fibreglass to create ‘sandwich panels’.

Externally, we use multiaxial glass fibre sheets that are nearly indestructible and superior for weatherproofing. We use a single piece of fibreglass roof for strength, durability and reliability.

The caravan’s body is finally glued and bolted to a galvanised steel tube chassis, forming a robust foundation. This sits on an Australian-engineered independent Off-road suspension with Dual Pedders Trak-ryder shocks and coil connected to a trailing arm designed to withstand the toughest conditions Australian roads are notorious for.

Check out this video for an overview of the build process.


Reliability and Comfort


We take great pride in the fact that our caravans are built to last and use only the latest and best technology and materials to ensure we meet or exceed all Australian standards.

We proudly back our products with a 5-year structural warranty and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind. Our after-sales team is the best in the business and is linked to a nationwide approved repairer network.


The Newgen team understands that comfort is key when you’re on the road. By consulting seasoned caravanners during the design process, we’ve ensured that the most important features and benefits are available on our caravans.

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Style and Affordability


When you walk into your caravan you want to feel right at home. Newgen caravans are YOUR ultimate chill-out zone, so make it your own by bringing out your inner interior designer!

We welcome you to create a space as unique as you are by using the latest contemporary colours and textiles.


Our philosophy is that everyone should be able to enjoy the great outdoors, so we’ve made sure that our caravans are priced competitively without compromising on quality.

All the essential features that make caravanning awesome are included as standard. We believe they should not be optional extras you need to ask for or pay extra to have included.

The History of Newgen

In 2019 we launched our first composite-built caravan range with three on-road models to choose from, which included a family caravan and a slide-out caravan. Since then we have doubled our range and decided to focus on creating off-road caravans.

Newgen caravan bodies and chassis are built by the Long Tree company in China, utilising the latest vacuum press technology. Long Tree is a world-renowned facility that builds many popular caravan brands.

Our caravans are then shipped to one of the largest caravan factories in Melbourne and finished to Australian standards.

Industry Reviews

Want to read what the Caravan Camping Sales team has to say about us? Check out their review of our launch and our NG20F 2020 model here!

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