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from $63,990 Tow-Away Nationwide*

The Newgen NG15 has been designed to be more compact without skipping any of the features of a larger Caravan. A single Axle, Full off-road caravan with a full rear ensuite, L-shape corner Seating and east west queen bed; this caravan takes compact luxury to another level plus it comes with a massive payload. Big things come in Small packages!


*The Tow-Away price includes all registration, pre-delivery and dealer delivery costs.



Despite its compact size, the NG15 simply doesn’t compromise with style nor standard inclusions. Featuring a long east-west bed, spacious bathroom with separate shower and toilet, L-shape lounge, and kitchen the NG15 has all the amenities you would expect of a larger van.


The NG15’s layout is both simple and welcoming, without comprising on those essential little luxuries. You’ll be so comfortable while exploring, it will feel like a home away from home.

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The NG15’s tough frame is built for the future. Featuring a robust blend of aluminium extrusions and high-density XPS insulating foam, the caravan’s foundation is designed to withstand everything this Great Southern land can throw at it.


Fully loaded with all an Avid traveler could ask for. A full ensuite, fridge, TV, even the kitchen sink; it's all in here!


From its spacious kitchen area with table and dining, east-west bed, and ensuite with separate toilet and shower, the SRC-16 is perfect for single caravanners or couples who enjoy the simple things in life, without compromising on essentials.

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The streamlined NG15’s independant Off road suspension is ideal for those who prefer the long way around. This is a light, well-balanced caravan providing safe and easy towing. The NG15’s aerodynamic design offers the exterior features of a larger van, without the heavy weight. Plus, its compact size means its fantastically fuel efficient.

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  • Water Tanks 2 x 95Ltr
  • Gas Bottle 9kg x 2
  • Step ( standard without LED Light) Manual (Ranger)
  • Chassis Size 4"
  • Brakes 12' Electric (Alko)
  • Suspension Torsion 2.5 T (Alko) 2500 ATM
  • A-Frame Tray Standard
  • A-Frame (Silver) 6"
  • Hitch 50mm Ball (Alko)
  • Tyres Silver 235/75 R15 (Westlake)
  • Raiser 4"
  • Mud Flaps Standard
  • Bumper Bar 3 arms Straight
  • Shower Hatch 1 (Sanjo)
  • Awning Black (Aussie Traveller)
  • Tunnel Boot Standard
  • Picnic Table 1 (Ranger)
  • Roof Hatch 1 (Ranger)
  • Side Checker 600mm Black
  • Front Checker Black
  • Wheel Spats Black Fibreglass
  • Windows SY
  • Main Door Black (Aussie Traveller)
  • Toolbox Standard
  • Toilet Plastic (Thetford)
  • Vanity Sink (Chrome Tap) Square White
  • Internal Speakers 2 (Captivating)
  • External Speakers 2 (Captivating)
  • Solar 200W x 1 (Captivating)
  • Reversing Camera Standard (Wireless)
  • TV Unit 24" Smart 1 (Captivating)
  • Fridge RM2350 (Dometic)
  • Microwave 20L (NCE)
  • Stove Thetford Combo
  • Rangehood Slimline (Ranger)
  • Kitchen Sink (Chrome Tap) Thetford Combo
  • Battery Box 1
  • Battery 120AGM x 1 (Captivating)
  • Air-Conditioner HB3500 Houghton
  • Stereo 1 (Captivating)
  • Management System PM200 (Projecta)
  • Brakesafe Bmpro
  • Hot Water System Swift
  • Antenna Wineguard
  • TV Arm 1
  • L-Shape Seating Return at Rear of Van
  • Bench top Postform
  • Upholstery Fabric
  • ATM (kg) 2700
  • Tow Ball (kg) 206
  • Tare Weight (kg) 2024
  • Axle Rating (kg) 2700
  • Travel Length (mm) 7135
  • Travel Height (mm) 3160
  • Travel Width (mm) 2390
  • Body Length (mm) 4845
leather colours upgrade
fabric colours
internal cabinets
internal bench and table
Optional Upgrades
design modification options
  • New/Restamped compliance plate
  • Design fee for layout modifications
  • Add 6 inches to van with no other modifications
  • Move microwave to another location
  • Extra jockey wheel bracket on door side of drawbar
  • Split upholstery backing & seating into 2 Pieces
  • Deeper OHC (each)
  • Lip on shelf (each)
  • Add drawer (each)
  • Add flap door (each)
  • Add full height pantry (1ft extension needed)
  • Add shelf to cabinet / overhead (each)
chassis options
  • Extend drawbar 450mm
  • Upgrade to 6'' chassis (from 4'')
  • Extra 2
  • Upgrade to DO35 recessed hitch
  • Upgrade to 4 arm bumper
  • Extra spare wheel with number plate bracket on flat bumper bar
  • Upgrade to LT coil suspension - single axle 2.7T
  • Upgrade to Tuffride coil suspension - single axle 2.7T
  • Add Lippert sway control
  • Add shocks on standard torsion suspension (pair)
  • Upgrade to 235/75/R15 AT tyres (each)
  • Upgrade to 245/75/R16 AT tyres (each)
  • Upgrade to 235/75/R15 AT tyres with devil 666 rims (each)
  • Upgrade to 245/75/R16 AT tyres with devil 666 rims (each)
  • Add Grey water tank (each)
  • Add Jerry can holder on bumper (each)
  • Upgrade to double manual step
  • Upgrade to single electric step
  • Upgrade to double electric step
  • Extra battery box (each)
  • Upgrade to Trailer a mate jockey wheel and jack
  • Add Stone guard with side wind jockey wheel
  • Upgrade to side winder jockey wheel
  • Add black scrub bar
  • Add external water tap guard on drawbar
external options
  • Upgrade to Dometic glass entry door from Aussie Traveller
  • Upgrade to Columbia entry door from Aussie Traveller
  • Add small pressure hatch
  • Add Dometic dust reduction system
  • Upgrade to fan hatch with LED light
  • Upgrade to checker plate wheel spats
  • Upgrade to metal picnic table (lockable)
  • Extend awning by 1ft (if design/model allows)
  • Upgrade to electric awning from manual
  • Add centre awning support
  • Add anti flap
  • Add curved roof rafter (each)
  • Add full length sail track on roadside of van
  • Add full length sail track above awning
  • Add E-bike rack for 2 bikes on Rear wall
  • Add bike rack for 2 bikes on Rear wall
  • Add bike rack for 3 bikes on Rear wall
  • Add bike rack for 4 bikes on Rear wall
  • Add GripSport tilting 2 bike rack on drawbar
  • Add GripSport tilting 3 bike rack on drawbar
  • Add GripSport tilting 4 bike rack on drawbar
  • Add external TV hatch with tv bracket plate
  • Add slide out tray for Weber/Ziggy BBQ (lid will need to be removed on Sanjo doors)
  • Upgrade small roof hatch to medium one
  • Add Slide in Toolbox
colour upholstery options
  • Square Upholstery Back Corner
  • China Leather
  • Main door padding fabric
  • Main door padding leather
appliance options
  • Upgrade to mini-grill from combo sink/cooker
  • Upgrade to N4175 fridge from RM2350
  • Add 3kg NCE wall mount washing machine
  • Upgrade to 23L microwave
  • Upgrade to Double Din stereo
  • Upgrade to Ibis 4 A/C
  • Upgrade to Dometic Harrier Plus A/C
  • Extra 24'' smart tv with TV arm
  • Upgrade to 32'' smart TV & large TV arm
  • Upgrade to Fogatti instantaneous HWS
  • Add Eberspacher diesel heater
  • Add Truma gas heater
  • Add RV WiFi
  • Add Sirocco fan (each)
  • Add Optitec electric jockey wheel
  • Add Witi anti-theft with GPS integration
  • Add Dometic SKL101 slide out kitchen (HWS isn't in Tunnel Boot)
  • Add K3 slide out kitchen
electrical options
  • Add gas detector
  • Add HDMI cable (each)
  • 1000W inverter
  • 2000W inverter
  • 3000W inverter
  • Black inverter power point (each) (Inverter Option)
  • Changeover switch (Inverter Option)
  • Extra annex light small (each)
  • Add Strip lights above Kitchen, Lounge, & Ensuite cabinets (including Dimmer Switch)
  • Add reading light (each)
  • Upgrade to reading light with silver USB (each)
  • Extra blue Anderson plug for fridge
  • Extra 200W solar panel (each)
  • Add satellite point
  • Add Satking Promax roof satellite & vast box
  • Extra 120ah AMG battery (each)
  • Upgrade to 100ah Lithium battery (each) (from 120ah AGM Battery)
  • Upgrade to Projecta PM300 BMS from PM200
  • Upgrade to Projecta PM435-BT BMS from PM200
  • Extra internal 240v power point (each)
  • Extra external 240v power point (each)
  • Upgrade 240v power point to USB power point (each)
  • Add 12v socket (each)
  • Add 12v/USB socket (each)
  • Add LED spotlight (each)
  • Add courtesy light at entry Step
plumbing options
  • Add external shower
  • Spare toilet cassette (each)
  • Add water filter
  • White oval vanity basin with swivel vanity tap
  • Extra gas bayonet
  • Move external water tap to another location
  • Move main water inlet to another location
  • Upgrade to Ceramic Toilet
internal options
  • Pillow top innerspring mattress
  • Pelmet & curtains per window
  • Fabric dividing curtain
  • Add an internal grab handle
  • Magazine pocket leather (each)
  • Magazine pocket fabric (each)
  • Upgrade to 32'' TV Arm only
  • Nuova Mapa drop down table leg (Bed converter)
  • Tic Cushion Fabric (Bed Converter)
  • Tic Cushion Leather (Bed Converter)
  • Extra chrome towel rail
  • Extra black towel rail
  • Mirror Shower Door
  • Flip up footrest at end of seat (each)
  • Slide out footrest at end of seat (each)
  • Key hook at entry
  • Add laminate sink cover
  • Upgrade to piano hinge on cupboard doors

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