Touring Caravans

Pros of Travelling Australia in a Touring Caravan

There are so many ways to explore the country, but a touring caravan has to be one of the best. Comfortable, spacious and versatile, a touring caravan allows you to travel the way you want and make memories that will last a lifetime. In this Buyers Guide, we’ll walk you through some of the main benefits of touring caravans and discover why they’re one of the most popular ways to see Australia.

Easy & Affordable Holidays

Any Aussie that’s been overseas can tell you all about the time and cost that’s involved, and in a post-Covid world, it’s not getting any cheaper to leave our sunny shores. But with a touring caravan, holidaying is easy and affordable.

In the time it takes you to get to the airport and check-in, you can have your caravan packed and be on the road. With a touring caravan, holidays can be as short as long as you want – from overnight getaways to multi-week excursions, the adventure is on your terms.

You don’t need to worry about flights, passports, layovers or baggage check: just pick a spot on the map and go. Not only does a touring caravan allow you to get away more easily and more frequently, but it is significantly cheaper than going overseas.

Ask yourself this: what costs more, flights for two, or a tank of petrol? Two nights in a hotel or two nights in a campground? You don’t have to be a mathematician to figure that one out.

Flexibility of Travel

One of the great things about caravanning is the flexibility that it offers. When you own a touring caravan, the entire Australian continent is at your doorstep, ready to be explored. From the city to the outback, the ocean to the desert, this great land offers endless holidays in unforgettable destinations.

Tired of urban life? Escape into the bush for a weekend and clear your head with fresh air and birdsong. Or maybe you feel like recharging by the beach: you could fly to Sydney or the Gold Coast, or you could find your own private bay and unwind with nobody else in sight.

When you have a touring caravan, travel is truly on your terms. Your holidays and happiness don’t depend on flight availability or ticket prices. Whether you want to get off-road and go off-grid or hit the highways and cruise from town to town, the choice is yours – you just have to choose.

Space to Live

Space is one of the aspects of touring caravans that potential buyers are most drawn to, and once you step inside a NEWGEN, it’s easy to see why. With seven models ranging from 1723ft in length, there is plenty of space to live in every one of our caravans.

Inside each model, you’ll find a full-sized kitchen, an island queen bed, and an ensuite bathroom with a separate shower, toilet and washing machine. Larger models, such as the NG-19S, NG-20SR and NG-23, feature a generous club lounge that is perfect for unwinding or entertaining friends and family, with both the NG-19S and NG-20SR housing theirs in a slide-out compartment that offers yet more space.

In addition, every NEWGEN caravan offers plenty of space for outdoor living, thanks to an Aussie Traveller awning, external speakers and an external BBQ gas point, so you never have to worry about feeling cooped up.

Enhance Your Social Life

Let’s face it, making friends gets harder as you get older, and it’s even more difficult when travelling. But that’s not the case when you’ve got a caravan – in fact, you’ll probably never make as many friends!

Many new owners find their social lives enhanced once they buy their first caravan, and whether it’s connecting with fellow owners online, chatting with your neighbours at the caravan park, or just bumping into other travellers when you’re out on the road, caravanning presents endless opportunities to meet new people all around Australia.

Create Lifelong Memories

Of course, the various benefits that caravans offer are nothing compared to the most important aspect: spending time with the people you love. Australia is an enormous country, and most people only see a small fraction of it if they’re lucky. But with a caravan, you get to do what most people never get the chance to – you can explore every inch of it, all four corners and everything in between – and take your loved ones along for the ride.

Whether travelling with your partner, family or best friend, touring caravans offer the chance to make lifelong memories with the people that matter to you, because that’s what life is all about.

If You’re Tired of Sitting at Home, Trust NEWGEN Caravans

With seven touring caravans in the NEWGEN range, there’s a model for everyone. Stop sitting at home waiting for your next holiday to roll around – get out there and live your life with NEWGEN Caravans! Browse the range today and find the model that’s right for you.